11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Oh once again you made me laugh out loud! I am going to send this to my grandson in France, and I know he will laugh too. What a panic of a porker shot. And how sweet he is, in his snuffling. (Under his green sky!)

    1. Le cochon sails across the pond! This is more than he’d ever hoped for. Isn’t he a beauty though? Or she? (It seems rude to check.) And a happy lad too, living as all cochons should… surrounded by mud and people who can see beyond his snout. I knew he’d be among friends here… (:

  2. I’m laughing too. What a great mug — you’ve caught him at such a perfect angle. The green sky gives this a comic-book feel, like he’s not just an animal, but a character. That eye looks so human: I think he’s trying to speak! Love it.

    1. There’s a lovely place out here called Windreach Farm, a teaching farm for special needs kids and adults, run mostly by volunteers. I go there on occasion to walk (pick apples in the Fall) and visit the locals. (I love the comic-book feel you get from the shot!)

  3. I love the comic book feel too, Carin, and that vivid slash of fluorescent lime makes an already great photo even greater.

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