11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. I’m not sure if many hotels still provide this nifty service. I rarely travel with ginger ale, but when I found some of the Muskoka kind… who can resist? God bless the Holiday Inn.

  1. My thirst is almost quenched just seeing this photo! It’s one of those shots that automatically makes one think of what comes next: the hiss of the pressure releasing, the cap dropping to the floor, and the bottle tipping up for a first sip. In a hotel room, you say? I don’t think I’ve seen an opener like that for a while either, but how handy! And I do love ginger ale. Did you enjoy it?

    1. Loved every drop! I was on my own and I think I’d walked up the road that night and got a Thai take-out for dinner to go with it.

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