17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Yes, the collage look! That was a nice surprise. It’s just a photo I took from the car (at a red light, as it was changing to green…). Bank of Montreal in the background. I added the colour blocks to block out the BMO signage and it became this.

      What do you mean about juxtaposition 4, 2 1? (though I’m glad you love it) (:

  1. How very clever of the unicyclist to be wearing a shirt that SOOO matches the colours of the surrounding scene. How clever of him indeed to be cavorting on a golden pavement! He’s headed for Cirque de Soleil for sure. Lovely Carin. (And clever!) Someday I’ll have to learn how you do that! (Unicycle, of course I mean.)

    1. Yes, well, it’s not as easy as you might think to find a unicyclist wearing the right coloured shirt on golden pavement. I was just lucky!

    1. We were both at a red light and I was snapping while stopped but the shots weren’t great. Just as the light changed, off he went and I still had the camera pointed. I only noticed later that the car in the picture has a conventional bike strapped to its rear. I love a happy surprise.

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