18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday (too hot to talk)

  1. This is strangely appealing during this heat wave. Lol. It’s a striking image. I like the sharp lines (the pointy tip of the roof and various other angles echo the points of the icicles) and blocks of vivid colour, and it’s amazing how the shadows of the icicles make them stand out against the white paint. Wonderful light, angle, and composition, Carin. Don’t stand under them, though!

  2. My goodness — among other things, such a study in “positive and negative space”. The two halves fit together like puzzle pieces … and then of course the icicle roof against the brilliant blue is a puzzle of another sort, and the brilliant colours, and and and…! Well, and the shadows of the ice, I now realize after another look. This is “multi-valenced” indeed — a terrifically clever and satisfying shot, with all the play time it gives the mind.

    1. Just a straight up (no pun intended) shot. No enhancements even. The sky was like that… or at least that’s how the light and angle captured it. I took other shots that day where it didn’t show such a deep, pure blue. I was really after the icicles, which looked much more prominent in real life than in the photo. But the surprise was everything else… I love that it played with you beautiful mind!

  3. Once again, you are giving me a good chuckle, Carin. What a perfect way to deal with too-hot summer days! The picture itself is genius in it’s balance, vivid colour and simplicity and what fun to boot!

        1. I was reading something today about holding ice on a warm day and how it’s very hard to let go, no matter how cold your hand gets. Have yet to try it…

    1. No ice here. Quite tropical in fact. Hard to imagine dripping brows and icicles are only separated by a few months. Sorry to hear you’re freezing though. And inside yet. Antarctica? Or is the A/C a little too high? (;

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