15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Oh gadzooks … I ‘remember when’ but not in a pool. Ipperwash Beach was the favourite spot way back then. Love this … so refreshing in so many ways. Colour. Composition. POV.

    1. Yes, those merry summery feet! (The other little girl cracks me up too. A whole different take on pool fun. And more my cup of tea… floating, zen-like, waiting for lunch.)

  2. Oh my! I LOVE this!! Both of them, just want to squat them, as some say in Newfoundland, and join them for zen floating and handstands. And apart from that, the photo is just so pellucidly blue and cool and like the very best dream you ever had.

    1. I love the ‘best dream you ever had’ imagery! And, not that I thought of it, but thinking of it now, you’re not far off. My favourite dreams/images often include water…

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