23 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. How lovely to share ‘his’ view of the world through the reflections of the door! Great eye as always, Carin! What a cutie … yes, you too!

  2. Perrrfect! The reflections, the lovely pearl blue door — and… (to quote the wonderful “Shakespeare in Love” — “And a DOG!”.
    But this makes me smile in memory, too, of our beloved Kerry Blue named Bridget, who would race around the house whenever we left, searching out any window that was a crack open; and often, often, we’d look in the rearview mirror to see her racing after us down the street, having somehow escaped.

  3. I thought this was brilliant before I even noticed the dog: the colours, the shapes, the juxtapositions, the overall effect. But then I saw the dog and it was even brillianter than brilliant.

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