20 thoughts on “wordless(ish) wednesday

  1. Oh, this is just perfect! The things you spot on your walks always amaze me. I love that the owners wrote this quote for passersby. Where was it? Oh, and I like the way the ivy trails down the left side and along the bottom, creating a natural frame, and echoing the green-painted window frame.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful discovery! Tea, coffee, the sentiment remains! So interesting that those are new bricks (I wonder why) that form the tableau for the delightful quote. So civil indeed!

  3. I agree completely with the sentiment, though the window display seems to tell a different story of civilization. Your colours here almost rival Barbara’s. We could do a theme of bright and clashing colours, or reds and greens. Oh, you probably already have a red and green theme in your “Today’s Colour” section. I must go there and look.

        1. Oh, thank you! Had a peek at the video… it looks as though he tosses in those sprigs of thyme whole. Surely he de-leafed them? Need to get me some saffron. Also, that sugar… is there something special about it?

          1. He probably did toss them in whole. I have seen people do that in Provence. They just pick out the branches again before eating. Very simple actually. I doubt if you need that specific kind of sugar. I’m sure brown sugar, or even white would do.

          2. Okay. Whole thyme it is. Will try it. (I bung it into stocks that way but then strain it afterward. I have this fear of choking on a stem.) (;

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