11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. What an excellent story prompt. It really invites speculation. Someone who doesn’t have a dog to walk, but needs the “thing-walking” exercise? Someone heading off to a new office for a very very small company with no budget of furniture? A chap who just saw this great “bargain” at a garage sale and is going to get hell from his partner when he gets home because he keeps bringing this stuff back to the apartment? Someone who is heading towards a downhill slope and is looking for a wheely thrill? Lovely capture!

    1. I love all your possibles! Tiny office. Hilly urban terrain. Still chuckling. The first one reminded me of being on a trail once and passing a couple coming in the other direction. As we ‘met’ they actually said something like “Where’s your dog…? You’re not just ‘walking’ are you?” (My fave of your list is the garage sale addict who knows he’s just crossed the line and doesn’t want to face the music at home so is doomed to take this thing with him wherever he goes…)

  2. Ha, ha – I had to read the comments on this one. Maybe that’s all he got out of the divorce and he’s not letting go:) As usual – great eye Carin.

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