19 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Well now, what a surprise. To find myself Getting Wise.
    And may I add: I personally have always felt that getting too much is way better than not getting enough.
    Thanks Ms. M for a very enlivening five minutes (or so).

  2. Only you could post a photo of a square of colour and bring such a smile to my face! And of course I get it – and what a beautiful colour.

    1. Yes, it’s an invented colour (aren’t they all?) But this one for some reason is much touted by the toutish… (all explanations welcome)

  3. Wow, that really evokes the immateriality and boundlessness of the artist’s utopian vision of the world. (ha ha, now off to watch the video)

    1. Oh, I hope you won’t spend too much time on the video… it came up when I did a google search and it made me laugh. (Though I admit I didn’t even listen to the whole thing.) I have a couple of other videos to look at… full doc length… that I think might discuss the “artist’s utopian vision of the world” and I for one can’t wait to hear what that is! (: The whole “blue painting” thing makes me quite nuts.

      1. I expected the video to be something related to the MOMA quote I toyed with above about Yves Klein’s utopian vision. :) I laughed, too, when I discovered it was a polka by a band who must have loved either the artist or the colour enough to name their band after it. (Either that or Indigo Girls was already taken, and besides, they apparently are boys. Or maybe some of each. Not that I’m trying to force anyone into an either-or gender box, because that wouldn’t be very boundless, would it, and it’s probably quite immaterial.)

        1. Oh, well, a MOMA video can’t compare with polka rock, surely! (That aside, I AM in search of boundless utopian answers to blue; and let the record show I am NOT an immaterial girl…)

    1. To understand the mania for Yves Klein blue (International Klein Blue as it prefers to be called), this is my holy grail. Also I enjoy the occasional polka.

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