14 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. WOW … love the silhouettes! Bundled against the bitter cold they hike uphill to see beyond. Golden clouds lure them onward with a promise of, ummm, what is it called again, Oh yeah … SUN. Great WW, Carin!

  2. Exquisite!!! The silhouettes, the golden clouds, the sky shading from soft gold itself up into deep blue, the magic it pulls at that time of day — and also the intrigue of the central figure who, for a moment, I thought was on stilts! Those slim slim tight-clad legs, ready it seems to do something balletic. A wonderful shot.

    1. It was a frigid day in January and that girl on stilts is my eleven year old niece who was wearing thin leggings… not realizing we were going to venture out into the elements for a long walk. That’s her younger sister and her mum in the shot with her. I’d come running back from getting a supply of mittens for everyone from the house while they waited on the hill and when I came back this was what I saw. Love how it turned out. Also love the idea of ‘balletic’… on a cold hill at sunset. Why not ballet?

  3. the sun settles and
    gathers on us: nothing

    voices dissolve, the ice
    drifts dark on the tide;

    sit down, sit down, replenish:

    the blue air brings us birds.

    why do we think we are happy?

    1. So beautiful, Elizabeth. And perfect. Thank you. I love a poetic match! (you have a talent)

      And to answer the question in the last line… “because there’s a kitchen full of lads at home making our dinner”. (:

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