18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. How fabulous is this, Carin … I can see where you are coming from in the reflections and where you are going to (I hope the cupcakes were delish) through the glass!

  2. Brilliant! (And I love how the camera always managed to sniff out the real story, for the true investigative reporter.) This all works so well. Such a crisp reflection, such a clear catch of the subject. Prize winner!

  3. Yes, I see why you had to stop – what beautiful swirls of colour and deliciousness. Your reflection makes it look as though you are embracing the goods – “all for me”? I do hope you went in and treated yourself!

  4. Such a sense of movement here, Carin. (Including action on the street behind — the car just leaving the frame.) Everything about this shot is just perfect — the angle, the focus on your hands and the camera. The fact that we don’t see your face, which makes it less about you than about the action of taking the photo. Love the cupcakes too, in all their yummy variety, and the way the lines of the case create a frame within a frame, and lead the eye into the picture. Just wonderful on so many levels.

    1. I’m not even a terribly sweet-toothed person but I do love a come-hither display! I love all the details you point out. None of which was planned of course.

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