16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Vivid blue. Whitest white. And, somehow the dual contrails create a sense of so much controlled power and motion in this captivating shot, Carin. Love it.

  2. This would be a brilliant fabric design, utterly different from Barbara’s luxurious florals. I want to wear something cool and summery in that cerulean blue punctuated by a white flash!

  3. Cool — and very effective! — composition, Carin. I like the emphasis on the contrails, their dynamic angle, and the way we finally spot the plane just before it shoots out of the frame. Conveying a sense of speed. And the striking contrast between that gorgeous blue and the white of the trails. One of my favourites (so far) among your photos. It just occurred to me that it’s unusual the plane is heading “down” rather than “up” — somehow that makes it more interesting too, though I can’t say why!

    1. No, not a Snowbird, although they DO fly right over my house every September in a tribute to a fallen pilot who’s from this town. This was taken on a walk while looking up for no particular reason. And the sky was so blue!

  4. Oh dear, I mean the “direction” the plane was headed. Blogger so often steps in to correct what I’m trying to say. Of course I hope there was a “director” involved in that flight as well.

  5. Oh my goodness, what an absolutely perfect picture – content, colour, balance, a sense of movement – beautifully done, Carin. This could hang on a wall and provide endless contemplative meditation. This is a favourite for me too.

    1. I used to look at planes and wonder where they were going and how great it would be to be on them. Now I look at them and think how happy I am to be down here, looking up. (:

  6. I just showed this to Dave as we were lying on our backs on the hammocks and looking at the evening flights to Europe and I immediately thought of your wonderful picture.

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