11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday (summer postcards)

  1. Oh, I love these colours so much! And they work so beautifully with the slice of B/W. They are kind of Caribbean, so fresh and bright and cheerful. Just lovely (and I think some of them were really there and some of them you added?)

    1. Yes, that Caribbean feel, I get that too. What is about colour that has this effect on mood? I’m fascinated by it. I wanted to play on the merriment of this scene, so added just a bit of ‘Caribbean’ in the top right. The rest is as seen. In Southwestern Ontario. (:

  2. I like the whimsy here, the riot of colour, and the incorporation of black & white. I can’t tell if you’ve only added colour, as is your wont, or done something more: created a collage. I thought at first I was looking at a counter, but then realized it was a fence. And the knitted thingamies on the pickets are intriguing. Can’t wait for the reveal on this one.

    1. The only colour added is the turquoise and yellow up top. The fence is white and the knittery on it is in its true colours. Shedden is a small town in Essex County where I spent the weekend being amused and delighted by many things. It was so what I wasn’t expecting but turned out to be something even more wonderful in its realness and charm. Just before taking this photo a woman came out of the library to adjust a sign and I asked if it was open. At two o’clock, she said, and I asked what time it was now. “Five to two.” And with that she went back inside. Rules you know. I thought her rather cheerless attitude was in such contrast to the look of the place… I didn’t wait the extra five minutes.

    1. It’s like a perfect world. (Actually I added the line for irony; there was quite a dour woman involved in the scene… and no, not me.)

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