26 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. What an eye you have, Carin! Great shot. The brilliant colours against the dull grey and black backdrop really grab the eye. But … once the eye starts wandering through the shot, there is a but. Are these compacted bundles of clothing heading for landfill?!?

    1. Apparently there’s a big market for ‘rags’… so that’s where these tee-shirts that are too horrible to even sell in a thrift shop are headed. And other stuff. I’ve heard about this practice but have never seen evidence of it before and I’d often wondered if it was true. Discovered this scene at the back of a mall, behind a donation centre.

  2. You knew I’d love this one, didn’t you Carin? I can see you stopping in your tracks to get a shot of this incredible scene. Your treatment of the photo is spot on too with the bright clothing colours contrasting with the bin and background.

  3. This is a fascinating shot, the riotous colours of the clothing against a black-and-white background. And the composition. Like the others who commented, though, I’m wondering what’s going on here. Are these being donated somewhere, and if so, why do they look professionally bundled? Do you know?

      1. No opportunity for a “like” in the comments section but I just wanted to say that the elves part of the above made me laugh out loud.

  4. There is something so joyously revolutionary about those old clothes all hung up ready to be recycled — some of the garments look as if they are ready to step out of their constraints and tango! I love this!

    1. I wonder if any of these clothes ever actually DID participate in a tango… the stories in this bundle, eh? I think I’ll make a print and use it as a workshop writing prompt. I’d love to give some of these clothes a history. (Thanks for the tango image, B!)

  5. Re the fate of donated clothing– when my daughter was studying textiles at NSCAD in Halifax, she and her colleagues often bought Salvation Army bundles of ‘unsaleable’ clothing, i.e., rags, to use for various textile projects.

    1. That’s good to hear. Someone at The Sally Ann also recently told me they donate (or sell?) bundles to mechanics to use as rags. I occasionally give them a ‘rag bag’, but always check that they’re still collecting rags. They always are. Speaking of textile art… do you know Judith Scott? She currently has an exhibit on at the Oakville Gallery. Extraordinary work, and beautiful. http://www.oakvillegalleries.com/exhibitions/details/125/Judith-Scott

  6. Nobody else seems to have observed that there was a theme going on this week (or last week – I’m late commenting) and the theme is great images for jigsaw puzzles. I love this riotous (stole that perfect word from Allyson) array of colours here and the contrast with the grim background, and would like to spend time focussing on it by making a jigsaw of it.

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