10 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. That is a much more solid and satisfactory skating surface than mine Carin — I love the sheen of the ice (I can hear the blades flashing and echoing in the deep — and the way the skaters mingle with the upright reeds! Lucky skaters! A perfect winter scene.

    1. I noticed your skaters at the edge of the water and assumed the ice must not cover the whole lake. But then, this is a pond, and not very deep. So easy enough to freeze over. I was delighted to be able to compare the same scene a few kilometres apart… (:

  2. This may be one of my favourite shots among yours. Just lovely, all of it — the reeds in the foreground that we peer through to catch a glimpse of the hockey players; the blue sky and shiny, textured ice, and that little bit of “human” colour in one player’s jersey. I feel I’m the one catching this glimpse — of a classic Canadian scene! — in passing. I’d have this photo on my wall.

    1. Thank you, Allyson. I’m chuffed. I have another photo taken at the same time with a clearer shot of the kids, and a tad closer. Same feel but I think you’re right about the glimpse aspect giving it a certain mood. I almost felt I was intruding when I aimed my camera through the reeds, like a peeping tom, hockey-style! (:

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