Why did the green program start with blue boxes?

Why is the Canadian Tire logo a triangle?


Why is men’s and boy’s clothing made to fit so much looser than girls’ and women’s?

And can someone please design a better bathing suit…

Why does no one know the name of the first person who survived going over Niagara Falls in a barrel?


On the subject of  pink and blue:

“There’s one famous study showing that women treated the exact same babies differently depending on whether they were dressed in pink or blue. If the clothes were blue they assumed it was a boy, played more physical games with them and encouraged them to play with a squeaky hammer, whereas they would gently soothe the baby dressed in pink and choose a doll for them to play with.”   Valid point or bollocks?


Why do we need three title options for women: Ms., Miss  and Mrs. and only one for men?

Why does *he* always drive?

What are there more of:  snowflakes, grains of sand or blades of grass?

Is the book always better than the novel? Examples?

How best to handle the guy in the next seat who doesn’t realize his ‘space’ is only as wide as his legs unspread… without turning it into a ‘thing’ that ruins your movie/play/flight/bus ride?

Why is there no Toddlers and Tiaras for boys?


How do ducks keep their feet warm in winter?

Why is there no major religion where women are the leaders?

How is it possible for a work of literary fiction to be in such dire need of editing and still go on to win awards?


If I’m right (as I most definitely am) and you’re right (as you most definitely are), who’s right?

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        1. I saw the play!! It really was as incredible as you’d expect. PS re why does HE always drive. Recommend marrying a he without a driver’s licence. It keeps you from falling into habits. It’s also good when you like to drive and are a control freak.

  1. Annie Edson Taylor sounds like a fascinating woman! I’d love to read the story Emma Donoghue wrote about her barrel plunge. I love that Annie went over the falls on her 63rd birthday, and that she took her lucky heart-shaped pillow with her. Regarding the dire need of editing of published works, don’t get me started!

    1. She sounds wonderful, doesn’t she? I love that she moved to Bay City and ‘hoped to become a dance instructor’ but as there were no dance studios, she opened her own. What a dame! Will try to find that story.

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