18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Hilarious! But what’s the story? Is he/she just trying to mess with anyone who shows up? I wonder how many people drive the guy in suite #2 crazy by knocking and asking, “What the …?” Where did you find this, Carin?

    1. When you realize it’s on the ‘inside’ of the door it makes sense, right? I didn’t get it at first either (I didn’t take the pic, P did). Madness if on the outside, genius on the inside. There’s almost a twisted metaphor for life in there somewhere. (;

  2. It looks exactly like the inside of my office door only mine are yellow and not quite as neatly arranged. I save and re-use all those stickers with different times and messages as appropriate.

    1. You get the prize, E… you’re right, it’s on the INSIDE of the door. I love that you do that too. I have a similar system at home with respect to where I’ve gone… including a repetoire of walking routes (The Short Loop, The Long Loop, The Tracks, The Beach, etc.). Saves having to write a new note each time… (:

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