wordless wednesday (summer postcards)

Having a wonderful time on the shores of Lake Ontario where I’m happy to say the powers that be finally decided to invest in a bunch of beautiful garbage bins!

Nothing makes my heart sing like rubbish in a bin.

(and no, those bits on the ground are not rubbish, also not snow) (likely mud)

(Whitby, 2017)


(click on pic… this one looks much better enlarged)


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9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday (summer postcards)

  1. Oh my — who but Ms. Magtree could take such a litter(al) scene and turn it into pointillism???!
    Ah, but now I have read your explanation above, Carin, and I see indeed that the “litter” is snow. No matter, my point (my pointillist point) is that this scene is candy sweet and good enough to eat!

    1. No snow. It’s just the way the picture ‘went’ when I pointilized it. Probably some mud puddly bits or something. It was taken recently to celebrate the arrival of a dozen or so bins to the beach area. Sadly lacking before. Oddly, people will still drop debris where they are rather than take seven steps to the left to where the bin is but many others seem to understand the mechanics of garbage-in-bin placement. (And, no, it’s really not possible for me to be anywhere and not notice litter, or the glorious absence of it.) (:

  2. Only a genius like you could make such a sublime ‘painting’ out of, what for many may be an ordinary scene, Carin. And of course, I note the pleasure of you spotting the waste bin!

  3. I can only comment that I agree with everybody else about your extraordinary ability to make something of beauty and wonder out of a garbage can. Also, what I said a week or two ago about your use of colour.

    1. Also, something about it reminds me of Tove Jansson’s illustrations. I think it’s the use of line, texture and colour, not necessarily the subject matter, although she might have appreciated its slightly dark quirkiness.

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