14 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. So my question is, did you just stumble upon a bit of random forest bliss or did you purposely seek out this lovely setting? Or… did you even have a hand in creating this little oasis? In any event, I love the bright lime Muskoka chair and the tiny red bird house set amidst nature!

          1. We call them Adirondack chairs here at this end of the country too. But I like the idea of a local variation: Fogo chairs? Heart’s Delight chairs? No, I know: Bay Despair Chairs!
            And re the photo, just ahhhhhhhhhh! Huge sigh of relaxation and delight.

          2. Well now I’m curious. I’ll have to put out a call, see what everyone across the land calls them. But, yes, please, get on that, will you… *change the name*!! If you’re doing a survey, put me down for Fogo chairs. (with Bay Despair chairs a VERY close second) (:

    1. So happy to be an inspiration for words. Go ahead and share but if you could please link back to the original post, that would be great, thank you! (Also I’d love to see your photo/word creations.)

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