11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I think this takes the phrase “I wish I could be a fly on the wall” to new heights — literally. How on earth did you get this?
    At first glimpse I thought it as a hospital operating room; in fact perhaps it is? Or is Cheryl correct about it being Chef school. In any case it is terrific! It really packs a wallop! Nice work.

    1. Not hard or even sneaky at all. Was parking my car and I looked up. Voila! I was heading to a dinner and thrilled to have a glimpse of what looks like the Chef’s briefing to the cooks before all systems are go! (Notice the sweat on the back of the cook’s jacket. I have such admiration for this work.)

  2. Without exageration, this photo took my breath away Carin – I love both the story it tells, and the story that’s not told. Thank goodness you had your camera to capture this vignette. I love that the crowded room is contained in a warm light and again framed within the window and brick wall. It sets up a nice contrast to the tension and concentration of the people and their purpose which is unknown and can only be guessed at by the viewer.

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