11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Duck soup!!! :}
    Oh Carin this is stunning. It took me a moment to realize what i was looking at, just entranced by the patterning (pattern-lover that I am) and then I realized: not just a flock, a gathering much more grand than “flock” could connote: a congregation, or a convention…no, surely a principality of ducks!! Marvellous. Now I’m going back to study the pattern aspect again.

    1. What we have is a gaggle but surely something conjuring a better image could be found… a *nonchalance* of geese? Do they come as far west as you? Honk (nonchalantly) if yes.

  2. Another stunner Carin! I too am struck by the beautiful patterns and the repetition of shapes and colours. The over-exposure works so well, as does the shimmering focus.

  3. OMG … Before I focused, this looked like brown, fallen leaves. Not so, but a great WW capture of an endless number of Canada geese! Clever eye.

  4. I couldn’t figure out how a photo that is slightly blurry could work so brilliantly but then I realized that Allison above explains that equally brilliantly. Wonderful photo!

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