13 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

        1. This shot was taken along a paved walk that’s part of the Trans Canada trail, which goes along the shore of L. Ontario. Used to be that you could walk from the path to the edge of the cliffs that overlook the lake. But with the major rains this year, and all kinds of erosion, the Town put up a fence (the length of the trail) so that people can’t get to the cliffs via the path. Long story short, it’s a looooong trail, and the fence is overkill. A few well placed signs would be more effective because anyone who wants to climb the fence, or go under it (lots of places to go under it) can. Plus you can access the cliffs from a hundred other places. Aesthetics are ruined and, well, it’s practically a dare to the mischief-makers. Someone has attached this sign to the new fence and, well, isn’t it just perfect? As it relates to this issue, but as a mantra in general…

          1. Wow, the fence does totally destroy the aesthetics. So typical, sadly. The revision of the sign is fantastic, and a great mantra in general. Thanks, Carin.

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