20 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Before lunch just now Douglas was singing old first world war songs for some reason, thinking perhaps of his father. There were several chorus of “Hang out your washing on the Siegfried line — Hang out your washing Mother dear…!”

    And then I clicked onto your site, and, there the washing was! Not exactly the Siegfried line — oh but those bloomers! Could they not date back to WWI??? A wonderful shot and I wonder where and when. (Maybe they are PJs of course; maybe the backyard is yours??? If that is the case I can imagine carrying the washing, frozen stiff, smelling of frozen-washing heaven, and stretching it out over radiators to thaw. I used to do that when we lived on the outskirts of Ottawa.

  2. Expect the unexpected here. I certainly didn’t anticipate a shot of washing hanging from a line at this time of year — at least not during a cold snap. Where? And whose?And did they stiffen in the cold? The b&w creates an interesting effect — more somber than light-hearted, and suggestive of times past, even though the photo was probably taken recently. Will await the reveal.

  3. This kind of practicality absolutely warms my heart! Kudos to the person (you?) who braved the snow and cold to hang laundry and reap the rewards!

  4. This brings back a childhood memory from the farm days … we would carry these items in one-by-one and prop them against the wall behind the coal stove to thaw!

      1. Maybe a little less frigid than once upon a time (this week excepted!), still they tend to go limp pretty soon on entering the house (indoor temps also probably warmer than in times gone by though recent guest from LA would argue that point about our house). I drape them over a few select chairs and things. The house smells great.

  5. The smell is the only reason to do it. But as always, my backyard critters and birds are more active than yours. If I hang my sheets out at this time of year (with gloves on), the birds that fly hither and yon drop shit that doesn’t hit leaves but sheets. After washing the same sheets 3x, I give up.

    1. haha! Well I don’t know if they’re less active… it’s like a Disney movie out there some days… but they do have more space for lavatorial habits and, luckily, where the clothesline is doesn’t seem to suit the hither and yon shit dropping crowd. Possibly some kind of inadvertent bird poop feng shui going on.

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