7 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. I’m surprised you got that it was a journal. Wait. What am I saying?? WHY would I be surprised that YOU figured it out?? (:

      This was taken at one of the journaling workshops at the shelter. I offered a variety of items for the women to write about… T. chose this collection of leaves and wrote about the importance of smudging in her life and in her culture. T. doesn’t have all her teeth, but her heart, though no doubt battered, seemed amazingly intact. As is the case (amazingly) with so many of the women I meet there. I nearly didn’t bring the leaves, I thought they’d get scrunched en route. She grabbed them as soon as she saw them…

  1. Oh ho, I cheated and read Cheryl’s comment and of course! I missed that, being taken by the lovely contrast of the bright pink binding against the soft papery brown of the leaves and the mottled surface they are lying on.

  2. I have looked at this for a long time trying to decide whether the colourful “aggregate” the leaves are lying on are in fact granite, perhaps a kitchen counter … or, as I first thought, a walkway. The book is of course the give-away. Sort of. But wait, perhaps there’s more: perhaps the book (journal?) was thrown down in despair; perhaps the leaves are the symbol of that despair, perhaps, perhaps…! Lovely and thought provoking of seasons changing, within and without…!

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