8 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Love how just the kids and stairs are in colour … great way to lead the eye to the important part of the image! Wonder if the boy a few steps up feels left out of the conversation taking place between the two girls? Or, maybe he’s up there because he doesn’t want to hear what they’re talking about. Love this shot.

    1. Yes!! Me too. Their positioning caught my attention. I took this while sitting in a VERY comfy chair in the lounge of a winery near Pelee Island. (Not on the island, but in that neck of the woods.) A large family gathering or some such was taking place in the dining room and the kids, I guess, were (probably wisely) escaping. What I found interesting is that the boy either excluded himself or ‘was’ excluded from the girl confab. A few years younger and they’d have been playing together. I’m fascinated/curious by how much society imposes girl/boy behaviour on kids and how that behaviour might be different (or not) without any influence at all. Of course, given that I do most of my research in wineries, don’t look for any scientific papers on the subject any time soon… [hic]

  2. I LOVE your treatment of this Carin! The splash of light from the greyed outdoors highlighting the colourful children and the way you’ve removed the colour from the foreground as well, is genius! Even the stairs descend to the light spot of the children – stunning!

    1. Thanks, Allison. My thinking was to highlight the children so that the colours they’re wearing are clearly seen. It’s that, more than anything else, that tells us who’s a boy and who’s a girl. Hair length too… but the boy is in distinctly darker clothes. At least I ‘assign’ him boy status. See??? I’m doing it too!

  3. I echo all of above. This is wonderful. Would make a great illustration for a magazine story if there were still mags that did that sort of thing. But really, no need — the story is already all there.

    1. Yes, magazines that do ‘that sort of thing’. I remember the mag that came with the Saturday paper. Wow, that’s a flashback. I think it stopped running in my teens and even at that age I felt a sense of loss. One wonders how magazines survive at all…

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