12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. To me, there’s something very hopeful and cozy about this: the cat’s perfect profile and the empty page set up for writing on the screen. And the nostalgia of the black and white.

  2. This is definitely worth a pretzel, Ms. M. What an intelligent cat. Does she come in and finish of your paragraphs when you duck out for that treat? Lovely picture. And made me laugh out loud when I clicked on.

    1. You’ve blown my cover, B. She not only finishes the paragraphs, she suggests them, edits them and sometimes dictates entire scenes. [meow once for “it was a dark”, twice for “and stormy night” and so on. A no-fail system. Also one reason I’ve been working on the same ms for 300 years.

  3. The backlit hair, the attentive ears. The page empty because you haven’t opened a document yet. She’s waiting. She knows words have to be caught.

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