beach seens on an almost deserted beach

The guy who looks so bored you wonder why he even comes to the beach, never taking more than a few steps onto the sand, looking around as if to find ‘something’ but the something just isn’t there… no hanging gardens of Babylon, no herds of wildebeest (to quote Basil Fawlty). He scowls, checks his phone while the woman he’s with wanders nervously in small circles nearby, never really hitting any kind of happy confident stride, probably because she knows they never stay anywhere long enough.

And then they leave.

Two teenagers, chattering and smiling, walk by hand in hand with the energy of puppies let off the leash.

Three girls, maybe twelve or thirteen years old, walk waist deep into the water and stand there laughing and squealing. They are in love with each other in the way that only girls of that age can be. Swimsuits all the same shade of navy and neon pink, but different styles.

They will either all swim or none will.

A couple has erected a tent on this windy day. We’ll see how that works out.

The girls are still squealing, still standing waist deep, but not swimming.

The tent is still up but requires constant attention and as if the people in it have no understanding of wind, what they choose to read on this windy day is a newspaper.

The girls have come out of the water, no swimming, but they’re soaked anyway and are now wrapping themselves in towels which they hold strategically for each other as they slip in and out of wet and dry things in the way only girls of a certain age can do.

The tent is eventually taken down.

This bird has been with me for most of the morning.

We’re both beginning to think about lunch.






4 thoughts on “beach seens on an almost deserted beach

  1. How lovely to have the beach almost to yourself like that! Was that the same guy from the restaurant? (Wishing fervently there’s only one of him, but knowing he has clones everywhere.) Imagine the excruciating marriage (for the wife) of that couple.

    1. No, a different guy, but not far-fetched to imagine they share some ‘qualities’. What got me about the couple on the beach was how she couldn’t enjoy her time there because he seemed to hate it and he refused to allow the joy in it despite knowing that she was there to find some… Maybe just a blip in their day but something tells me it’s indicative of much.

  2. Sea, sand, sky. Stripes for my kind of flag!
    I looked at the pics before reading the text and wondered if the gull felt stalked.
    I’m glad you used only words to fill in the people.
    I read a sign today that said, “You can’t change the wind but you can move your tent.”

    1. I was comfortably ensconced in my beach chair the whole time. The gull just took a shine to me. Spent 30, 40 minutes together. (And I love that tent/wind saying!)

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