5 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. My goodness, I’m completely stumped about what this lovely imagine is – the colours are stunning and the pattern simply arresting. Looking forward to hear what this is!

    1. Isn’t that funny. The stumping. When you know what something is you just assume it will be obvious (or obvious-ish) to everyone. I wanted to blur it so the text wasn’t readable and in the process the whole thing just began to take on another form, so I went with it. And got this ‘brouhaha’ as B. so aptly put it!

    1. Brouhaha is a good word. It’s the first page of a story called ‘Bliss’. The black bits are the typed text; the pink and red bits are my handwritten edits. The page is actually sideways (the title is the black blob at the right). If it doesn’t fly as a story, I’m happy to know it has other talents. (:

  2. This, especially now that I know what it is (does that matter? in this case, yes!) should be printed, framed and hung where one can see it while working. The balance of words versus edits as a colour ratio.

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