12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Wordless indeed (me!) but nonetheless I will try to define my immediate reaction to this remarkable picture — which comes, more than anything, with a sense of SMELL, I feel. It reminds me of breaking into an abandoned pickers’ shack on a nearby orchard when I was a kid. We played house there for a while. But there, we did not find the newish dish rack and the very white cloths…which send my thoughts squirrelling here: who is living here? Someone, surely — there is a story here! I want to hear it. What a shot.

    1. Oh, there’s a story! To follow… (: (In the meantime, I love yours. What fun you had. The thrill of the abandoned… never gets old. Orchards and shacks being much more glamorous than my childhood version of clambering around half built houses in new subdivisions where the orchards USED to be… Still, exciting.)

  2. I await too! I agree, it does look abandoned, but then there is that newish dish rack and very white towel. Clearly whoever made it had to work with what they had. I too think of finding abandoned shacks and houses – even now they intrigue me if I ever come across one and of course I must photograph it.

  3. I luv that I can’t quite make this out … fascinating capture, Carin. My eyes flew past the reclaimed wood to the blue dish tray and the curious crumble it holds that kinda looks like bubble wrap. Looking forward to the reveal.

  4. I love the turquoise, lime green and citron yellow (Caribbean colours) against the weathered old wood, and also the atmosphere this creates.

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