18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

      1. Oh, and I should say that the floor photographs very nicely, but it’s actually laminate, a thousand years old and ready to be replaced next month. Which is why I was so cavalier with the painting. In fact I would never have even dared paint a room on my own if the floor wasn’t about to be taken up. I think the pictures pretty much explain why, haha!

  1. Oh, ouch! I see it was not you who were able to clean it up quickly it was Susan. Is there a similar happy ending to your story? One thing is clear: you have the instincts of a photo journalist to be able to stop and record this before dashing for the rags.

  2. Glad I read the comments, as I was thinking, yikes! The floor does look old and real but glad to hear it’s not a keeper.

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