wordless wednesday with words


I give up trying to be consistently wordless.

Also I’ve fallen behind on my posts, so there are many, many words queued up and ready to spread out on these pages.

For now a wee blather on today’s pic, which comes to you via my recent efforts at spring cleaning and tidying and organizing drawers, an activity I kind of love. Not in the Marie Kondo way of obsession and full-time occupation, but merely enough to know where that small green widget is when you need it. Also, it should be said that Kondo has some good ideas (though book culling is not one of them) (folding jeans and tee-shirts, on the other hand, is a yes).

As for my national currency, I store it in the way of my people, specifically my dad, i.e. bunched and held together in a kind of show-offy way with a giant metal clip. He hung his on a nail in the workshop. Mine lives in the requisite junk drawer (because no matter how much one organizes one needs a place for things that have no place).

I think they use a points card now but I’m old school and will hang on to the paper dough as long as it keeps circulating.

Happy Wednesday.

Use your words!

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8 thoughts on “wordless wednesday with words

  1. I usually have a junk drawer full of Canadian Tire money too only we spent it all and so IO can’t rush downstairs and take a photo to show you. So funny how we (well, I anyway) think we’re so unique and then find out other people people do the exact same thing, probably all over this land. And I agree that sometimes on Wednesday we need words. Thank you for breezing past that taboo in your usual delightful way!

  2. Oh how true, there must must be a place for things that have no place. What a fine soliloquy on the Junk Drawer … and on, as you call it, “Our National Currency”.

  3. I agree, so glad you used your words Carin! I don’t have that drawerful but I do remember the glove compartment in the car brimming with them. The truth is that I don’t often shop there, so just donate the money back to wherever they give it to. I love your free flowing train of thought. It gave my brain a bunch of tangents to head off in!

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