wordless wednesday

Taken in downtown Almonte, Ontario, which was a whole surprise in itself, the delightfulness of it, its position on the Mississippi River, the mix of upscale this and funky, totally not upscale that… second hand shops, a book shop!, bakeries (yes, that’s plural), coffee and tea places, a diner, a pub on the river with patio and live music, apartments overlooking the rapids (so close I swear they must feel the splash on the balconies). There is a well-supported arts community, a beautiful river walk and fabulous views, a mix of architecture from not-been-touched-in-yonks-shabby-chic, to ultra modern lines (fewer of those so they stand out, but also fit it in). Feels like a place that has figured out how to keep the charm of the past while moving forward.

Note: the sky is only occasionally green.

Other (not always) wordless friends:

Cheryl Andrews
Allison Howard
Barbara Lambert
Allyson Latta
Elizabeth Yeoman

9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. What an eye you have Carin! Great shot to begin with, but your post processing selections of vivid green and grey scale are so blood artsy!

  2. Oh Cheryl has taken the very words from my early morning brain. The shot is magnificent … would be even without the amazing colour addition, but of course the green absolutely zings this shot. I don’t much like the adjective “fantastic” but this time it does really apply!

  3. The slash of green, especially with that ragged edge carefully constructed around the background trees is absolutely captivating Carin – further enhanced by the rich brick wall and shots of interest like the stars strung on the railing.

  4. Spectacular! And I want to be sitting on that balcony, with its starry decorations and slice of sky (even if it isn’t always green).

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