good morning!

According to my Canadian Wildlife Federation calendar, today is the day the male grizzlies begin to emerge from their dens”.


A few things (possibly) worth knowing if you’re planning a walk:

Grizzlies have longer claws than black bears. This is most noticeable on the front feet where grizzly claws can reach 10 cm in length. [I’m pretty sure any claws on any bear would appear long to me. And if I were close enough to see them that clearly I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know my own name, much less what a cm is…]

Grizzlies do not have a white chest patch; many black bears do. [I find this very interesting, but I don’t want to see the chest; that means the bear is on its hind legs; that can’t be good.]

Grizzlies stand up on their hind feet, not to attack, but to get a better view while they test the air and try to identify you. [Gee thanks. I feel so much better now…]

Happy hiking.

And be careful out there.

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