when it rains it pours (and i speak in cliches…)

As if yesterday’s rain, CNQ, Granta and ARC weren’t enough excitement, today The New Quarterly arrived in my mailbox—which renders me officially not sure where to begin.

As usual, TNQ is visually stunning. A treat simply to hold—another testament to the power of ‘real’ reading material versus an e-version… but I mustn’t digress.

Might begin this one with Kerry Clare’s piece, ‘Love is a Let-Down’the background of which she writes about so movingly, and maybe follow that with ‘Figures of Speech’a series of portraits painted by Alan Dayton, of fourteen writers, including Diane Schoemperlen, Sharon English, Steven Heighton, Russell Smith, each of whom were asked to offer commentary on how it feels to see themselves through the eyes of another. Interesting exercise for people whose talent—and business—it is to so easily and cavalierly see others through their eyes. 

My god. And that’s just two.

I think I need more rain.


2 thoughts on “when it rains it pours (and i speak in cliches…)

  1. Yes indeed. Having such fun. And… just noticed on your blog that you have a poem in the Fall issue of Malahat. I didn’t notice it on the stands the other day, might be sold out, but I’ll be heading back for another look!

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