things i saw

— toddler’s blue booted feet dancing in silent but uncontainable excitement as his stroller was pushed toward the door of Scholar’s Choice.

— black and white dog who began pacing on the back seat of a navy blue car, eyes bright as its person approached with a bag of kibble under her arm.

— man in a red beret riding a green bike with a red paisley suitcase strapped to the back.

— nickle from 1945 at the place I buy fresh apple juice; the customer before me had given it in payment and the cashier was thrilled and showed it to me and I was thrilled too and we both wondered for a moment about the nickle’s travels in the past sixty-five years. Or maybe it hadn’t been anywhere, maybe it had been kicking around the same old neighbourhood all that time. It would be interesting to track coins the way we track geese.

Speaking of which—I saw a herd of geese, or maybe ducks, resting in a sunny pond on one side of the road. The kind of scene that will occasionally make me stop, take a breath, and even though it’s just geese and/or ducks and water and reeds and sky—all of which is so easy to take for granted—the brilliant simplicity of it all, the way nature somehow continues to work so perfectly despite…well, us—it always, always fills me with wonder.

On the other side of the road was this…

Which also fills me with wonder. In a different way…


5 thoughts on “things i saw

  1. Beautiful shot of the geese. Whenever I am walking on the road and I hear that familiar honking above me, I tend to stand there with head dropped back, staring at that majestic V-formation with the slack-jawed wonder of a rube in midtown Manhattan.

  2. Love that last line. Gorgeous parallel. Geese. Manhattan. Rube. Wonder.

    Yes, we’re best, I think, when we remember it’s a yin yang world (to put things in your current language…!).

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