4 thoughts on “happy everything!

  1. And a happy everything to you. I love seeing the moon in the daytime. It reminds me that time is not linear, that everything is happening all at once, except our puny brains can’t register it. It is that knowledge that inspires madness and creativity.

  2. I love seeing the moon in the daytime too. Blows me away every time to think how many people might be looking at the very same thing at the same moment, on the other side of the world and how is that even possible… (uh oh, I can almost hear madness and creativity knocking!)

    1. Thanks! And guess what, in that jumble of shrubbery is a very old juniper bush, which, a few days ago, had about twenty cedar waxwings munching on the berries! (I feel so brainy as I get better with identification… up until very recently I would have called them small brown-ish cardinal-ish birds with tails dipped in yellow paint. In fact I did until I consulted google.)

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