veggies from the sea

My new favourite food.
I’ve tried a few other sea veggies but dulse is my hands down favourite. It comes in two forms: leaves, like the picture—which lightly sauteed in coconut or olive oil, go crunchy and make a great side to anything. Had them with eggs the other day—delicious, especially if you like your food with undertones of beach wrack and fog.

Also comes in flakes, which I sprinkle straight from the bag onto salads; packed with iodine and protein and other good things and—as if all this isn’t excitement enough—it eliminates the need for salt.

Only down side—I haven’t yet found a Canadian brand. Surely we produce this stuff on our own nautical peripheries??

Suggested reading while eating sea veggies: Drinking the Rain, by Alix Kates Shulman

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