book run

Given that I don’t shop at Amazon—and won’t darken a Chapters doorway other than for literary journals (I don’t even buy my candles or patio furniture there)—and given that I live in a medium sized town without a bookshop (ridiculous)—it’s a half hour drive north to pick up my order from the nearest bookseller (to a town much smaller but obvioulsy more bookish than mine) and another fifteen minutes to the second nearest. Not complaining; they’re worth the drive. Plus, there are such very merry things I can do on the way. For instance—

—I can stock up on the best buttertarts in the world from an amazingly innovative farm market-slash-golf-course-slash-outdoor patio-slash-apparent bridal photo hot spot-slash-tobaggoning run in the middle of nowhwere (as well as fresh-from-the-field veggies and fruit, happy meat and over-the-moon eggs).

Go canoeing or, better yet, watch other people go canoeing while I have lunch

—Commune with emus

For starters.

That said, here’s the most recent haul (picture of  buttertarts not taken fast enough):

Cantos from Wolverine Creek, by Brenda Schmidt

Mennonites Don’t Dance, By Darcie Friesen Hossack

Is, by Anne Simpson

Finding the Words: Writers on Inspiration, Desire, War, Celebrity, Exile, and Breaking the Rules, edited by Jared Bland (for PEN Canada)

Are You My Mother?, by P.D. Eastman (and yes, it’s for me)

8 thoughts on “book run

  1. The three books I read in high school were Catcher In the Rye, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz and Green Eggs and Ham. By the way, you didn’t mention the BBQ duck place. Isn’t that on the way to the book store? If not, it should be.

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