25 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Writing and taking pictures of myself… and drinking tea. And having lunch. And yes, some writing… (;

      (Love your ‘Out on a Limb’!)

    1. Good point. Interesting how one teensy aspect can change the whole feel. There are larger objects in the frame yet it’s the face the eye is drawn to… Odd. And fascinating.

  1. Clever how you captured the reflection without showing the camera — so it’s as if someone else, unseen, took the photo while you were hard at your writing. I like the variety of material: wood, brick, glass — and the jumble of reflections behind you. Good coffee?

        1. Aw, thank you, Allyson.

          Actually, the truth is I find it tricky to focus if there’s a lot going on around me. I’ll end up writing about what I see and hear instead of working on my project. I admire people who can do it but I’m one of those that needs acres of space and time and HUSH.

  2. I love this mix of things — the multiple windows, the brick wall, the glass block, the empty chairs and cups, and then tiny human near the centre of it all. Wonderful!

  3. I love the colour scheme: wasabi, sea life, inner balance, chantilly lace, tandoori and cinnabar. Guess which one describes which part of the photo? I cribbed the colour names from the Benjamin Moore catalogue. (And by the way they have “colour stories” in the catalogue, and I have to admit I am very swayed by the names – which is to say the stories – when buying things like paint and lipstick.)

    1. Elizabeth, I LOVE colours. I do a series of posts on Matilda called Today’s Colour where I’ll focus on one or two colours and lo and behold they suddenly appear everywhere. One of my favourite things. But these “colour stories” you mention in the Benjamin Moore catalogue… hmmm, must look into that. As it happens, I’m in the market for some paint and, like you, I’m very influenced by the names. Rather liked something called ‘Bittersweet’ the other day, then thought, nah, sounds too depressing. Kooky, eh?

      As for the colours in the photo. I love the ‘wasabi’ (ceiling)! That’s the only one I know for sure… (unless ‘inner balance’ refers to my face…) ;)

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