27 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Not entirely clear but it looks like it was stamped in Peterborough. Now I just have to figure out where Ravenna is. From what I can gather, it’s up near Collingwood.

      1. Carin, on closer look at the postcard, is it embossed or are my eyes playing tricks on me this foggy-in-the-head morning? I’d love to see the other side!

  1. How lovely — even the “embossed” nature of the card itself — and how intriguing. The handwriting gives me the impression that the sender could be a man — I’m dying to nudge the camera over to the left to see what “M J G” had to say!

    1. Barbara, I’ll bet you can imagine something much better than whatever the reality is. And I love that you think it’s a man. That hadn’t occurred to me. But, yes, the handwriting, the initials…

  2. What a wonderful treasure and how creative to think of capturing it. It says so many things – the exquisite handwriting, the lack of need of a street address… What does the message say?

  3. Simple but so effective in getting us wondering, Carin! Just a fragment, and not even the message itself, yet there’s much to take in: the year, the Canadian stamp, the pretty embossing on the card, the handwriting, a name and address. This would make a wonderful writing prompt, and I can imagine stories already — but I hope you’ll fill us in on “the” story of what the card means to you.

    1. No story. I’m as clueless as to its history as anyone. I love postcards, am drawn to them at flea markets, which is where I found this one. I loved how there was no street address. Almost want to research Lydia Johnson. Or make up a life ‘for’ her… (:

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