on a morning like this

When you wake up all grumpy and don’t feel like taking a walk because you’d prefer to wallow in grumpiness and toast but then the sky’s like this…
IMG_1524 - Copy
and you can never argue with a sky like that. It always wins.
IMG_1028 - Copy
So you put on your sneakers and you walk.
Until it occurs to you that maybe you’re walking a little too fast…
and thinking too much about your grumpiness and not enough about the sky, which is still there but changing every minute…
IMG_1522 - Copy
along with everything else.
IMG_1515IMG_1511IMG_1540IMG_1517IMG_1420 - CopyIMG_1541IMG_1544
Until… and, at last, you wonder where grumpiness goes when it’s not being used.

14 thoughts on “on a morning like this

  1. Mother nature is running riot in the last 2 weeks. I’ve been in the woods with my new camera about 10 times tracking the upstarts: Mayflowers, Trout Lilies, Red and White Trilliums, Mauve, purple, yellow Violets, Strawberry flowers, Apple Blossoms, Lily of the Valley – and dandelions. Love the photo of your feet on the slide. Spring will do that to you!

  2. Love love this post. Thank you for the gentle reminder of all that surrounds us to dispel grumpiness, if we just open our eyes. The final photo is priceless, as is the message.

  3. I had a photographer friend point out years ago that colours are more true on grey days. It’s great that you remind me–thank you!
    Am I wrong, or is this one of the rare instances where you’ve taken a picture of your feet in (dare I say it?) shoes?

    1. Ha! Yes those are my feet. And you’re right in thinking this is a rare shoe’d shot…

      So true about colours on overcast days. I don’t always pay attention to light; I snap quickly, never compose, so things are often a happy surprise. I like it that way.

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