24 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Yes, she must have come from excellent stock. She hadn’t even become thin the way so many elderly folk do. Well, thanks to the cake…

  1. Oh, this is lovely! I just burst into a happy laugh when I clicked on to it. I love her firm grip on the cup of coffee, her sweet encouraging face — and my goodness, what a yummy looking cake. I’m sure one of the great things about turning 100 is that you can safely say “calories be damned”…! Thanks Ms. Magtree, you made my day.

    1. I’m glad you noticed the coffee mug grip, Barbara. That cracked me up too. Especially in the presence of a perfectly good glass of wine…
      And you read faces well. She was both sweet and encouraging. Died in her sleep after no real illness at all, the day after her 101st birthday.

    1. Her husband was a horse guy. He died quite young by comparison, decades earlier. I don’t know the history of the brooch but am guessing it was from him, that it had some personal significance. She adored him and talked about him often, but in a very matter of fact way, no drama, no tears. So sweet that she was thinking of him at 100, sharing her cake with her one true love.

  2. Now here’s a photo with a story. In fact, 100 years’ worth of them. It made me smile too — the intent and pleased expression on her face, the pretty, colourful cake and giant candles. She does look amazing for her age. Was she a relation, Carin? A friend? This is certainly a feel-good photo … and I’m sure it holds lots of memories for you.

    1. She was a friend. A lovely woman, a former journalist and, yes, she certainly packed her personal century with a bag full of stories. She loved nothing more than a homemade meal, a glass of bourbon and a pair [or more] of ears to share her memories with. She loved to laugh; could be what kept the roses in her cheeks. (:

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