9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Caught quite by accident. I was a little startled when I looked in the mirror. Couldn’t think what I’d done to warrant such a posse…

  1. My head is spinning! I’m going to comment before reading your comment above, Carin. Rearrview mirror, yes — but then what’s going on up above? How did those motorcycles find their way into the shot? AND — says the driving vigilator — how on earth did you manage to snap a picture right then and there???
    So intriguing — and scary — but I presume you survived whatever happened next!

    1. Just a fluke, Barbara. There I was driving along, minding my own beeswax, when suddenly a gaggle of bikers [not recreational] pulled out behind me from a side street. With trembling hands I lifted my ever-present camera and pointed at the general vicinity of the rear-view mirror. Voila. This is what I got. The bikers are behind me, and the middle shot is somehow a duplicate… no idea how that happened… also can’t figure out what the bottom slice is or how I got it. Any houses were neither forward nor back.

      It was a residential street [all the more startling to see the gaggle] and I was going slow enough to hoist my lens briefly. Eyes fully on the road and one hand firmly at ten to the hour. Still, I do recognize the folly of my ways and am repenting as we speak.

    1. I was on my way to babysit a room full of kids, age 4 to 12 so was slightly delirious myself… Cannot account for the way the image turned out.

  2. Hmm, at first I thought it was out the car windshield but then it looks like duct work or something on the interior. Oh, now I see you were delirious -that explains it, or not?

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