21 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Symmetry as only nature can do it! What a striking image, Carin, all the more so without colour to distract the eye from the rhythm …

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I played with the colour version but you’re right, all that blue sky was distracting from the grass, which is my favourite part of the image.

  2. Mmmmm — lovely! And very tricky I realized when I enlarge by clicking! Because I THINK I see sailboats in the dark “middle layer” which on first glance I thought was a field. So now I’m thinking this is a lake view. In any case, I love the layered nature of the composition and the movement: the trees, the grasses, the feeling that the clouds too are on the move and the picture would have been different two seconds later because of that! And so evocative, because of being black and white! The balance of shades from black to white!

    1. Taken a month or so ago on a very warm day in Niagara, at Southbrook Winery. The wind was very welcome and as I stood enjoying it for a moment I noticed the trees and the grasses doing this lovely tango together. Your sense of a lake is right… but it’s actually a twenty minute drive away. Not anywhere visible here. Not much of Niagara-on-the-Lake wine country is actually ‘on’ the lake, though the town itself is [home of the Shaw Festival].

      Funny how we’re on about wineries today…
      See ya later!

    1. No, no, don’t do that! It’s a warm breeze on a VERY hot day. I’m going to suggest getting yourself a popsicle instead. (:

  3. Funny that one person imagined a warm wind and another person a cool one. The trees look like trees here in Newfoundland, only here they are permanently like that and will indicate the direction of the prevailing winds whereas I am guessing the lean of these ones is temporary (and may the wind really is warm). Anyway, nice composition and wonderful textures in the “layers”!

    1. I remember those permanently ‘winded’ Newfoundland trees! And now I’m remembering something else, denuded shrubs and small trees, mostly near cliffs. There’s a name for them that I always forget. [Have done a google search: “bare, windswept trees on newfoundland cliffs”… to no avail.]

  4. Oh, lovely movement here. I can feel the breeze that’s bending the trees and the grass. Black and white was a great choice — I don’t think it would have the same effect in colour. We wouldn’t see so much contrast — the grass against the trees, the trees against the sky and clouds. And what is the dark band in the distance, just above the line of the grass?

    This reminds me of the grass surrounding a cottage we rented one year in PEI. The cottage had a water view, but between it and the water’s edge was a field of tall grass. It was always breezy, and my husband commented that the wind sweeping the grass made it look like a wavy green ocean.

    Did you realize while you were taking this that the trees were progressively shorter from left to right? What wonderful composition.

    1. Allyson, this was taken at Southbrook Winery in Niagara. I think that black band is the winery. Not the visitor’s part, but the working part.
      And I know just what you mean about PEI grass. Your view of the green sea sounds lovely!

  5. I’ve been away and disconnected, now catching up. What a wonderful photo and I do love the breeze, especially today in hot and humid Toronto. Carin, are you thinking of krummholz? That’s a term for the trees that hunker down as shrubs near mountain tops and the north, where weather conditions don’t let them stand upright or grow tall.

    1. Maureen, yes, ‘krummholz’!! I just looked it up and from the images shown, that’s exactly what I mean. But I’m sure I’ve never heard the word before. The name clanking around my head incoherently is one I heard in Newfoundland. Now I’m curious. I wonder if there are regional names for the same thing…

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