15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. A Montreal brick wall and granite cafe table. An air-conditioned corner to escape the glaring sunshine for a long afternoon chat about all and sundry.

  2. I’d like to know where that lovely air-coditioned corner is! Luverly specs you got there, madam!

    1. Oh pooh. I don’t remember the name. Café Something Something, I believe.
      As for the specs… I would love to see them become a rage. Gorgeous and smart they are. Okay, smart. (:

  3. Oh dear — my first reaction (I haven’t read any other comments yet) is — “Wow, this is a perfect picture of Writer’s Block!” — and of course a most intriguing shot. Will examine in more detail as I do a second tour. Yet another “Magtree Puzzle” to enliven the week.

    1. I love it! What a perfect name for a café or a favourite table or even a gathering of writers. Both the wall and the dark glasses suggest ‘limits’. You clever thing.

  4. What an intriguing picture Carin. There’s a real sense of mystery if you don’t know what or where it is. Without looking at the comments, at first I thought it could pass for the interrogation room somewhere scary! Just shows you what perceptions can do.

    1. Allison that’s a wonderful perception! I love it when pictures inspire ‘story’ in any form. Real or not. Am assuming yours would be fiction? (;

      1. I agree with Allison. I thought the picture was claustrophobic and even ominous, and was relieved to know it is merely a cool corner of a café. The sunglasses add a note of intrigue and ambiguity as well – not usually associated with the ominous except in Duvalier’s Haiti.

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