27 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. The contrast in that photo is interesting- the bird seems so serene next to the speed boat. Did he get spooked immediately after you took the photo?

    1. That’s what gets me too. The juxtaposition of the bird and the boat. And how blasé the bird is; in other words, we don’t impress him much…
      In any picture like this I find people always come off looking dopey by comparison with nature’s dignity. (:

  2. Carin — what a “cool” shot. (I was tempted to say “what a blue do!”). Very quick of you to catch the boat and the heron together; and I love the shot of yellow of the tube or floaty that’s being towed.

    1. I walked very slowly and held my breath and zoomed in a bit.
      But, yes, I think they’re there often enough to be used to the likes of people and their racket. (:

    1. Thanks, Allison. I like that yellow bit too. I could have dorked around with the tint to get it to pop more but there’s something about the muted-ness of this that I like. Oh, technology, you’re such a fun pal at times.

  3. Wonderful shot, Carin. How on earth did you capture this? What a great contrast between the lone, stationary heron and the movement of the rushing boat full of people in the background. I love that the heron is gazing steadfastly in the opposite direction, completely uninterested in what must surely be a noisy interruption in his habitat. The blue tint is a lovely touch.

    1. I was taking idle pictures of the heron and the boat got in the way. Honestly. It wasn’t until later that I thought: oh, this is good! Those are always my favourite shots, the surprises.
      I like your observation of the bird’s total disinterest in the pleasures of boating. I imagine him thinking: why go by water when you can travel by air? :)

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