me and the lake and a dog-like cat or two

I grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario.
Not literally,
but close enough that when my mum and dad came home from work,
we might pack a few cold cuts,
some fresh bread, potato salad,
a thermos of coffee, another of KoolAid,
and head to the beach for supper and a swim.
I remember two things: sometimes we took our cat Peter who thought he was a dog,
and there was a large shrub where I liked to have my meals.
I wedged myself into its branches and ate my mother’s potato salad from a Tupperware bowl, pretending I was a castaway on a desert island.
I’m still drawn to lakes, to desert isles, to pretending and to potato salad,
though I notice there are fewer shrubs that I fit neatly into.

IMG_2955 - Copy

6 thoughts on “me and the lake and a dog-like cat or two

  1. I grew up at Scarborough Bluffs at the south end of McCowan Rd. Lakes were a big part of my upbringing too. I get it, Carin. Lakes and shores are like magnets. I can still smell it, feel the damp. Your post brought it all back to me (now living so far from lakes).

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