23 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Someone loved a dog. The door reminds me of the era where women knit bulky cream-coloured “his and hers’ sweaters with hunting scenes of ducks, always ducks, and dogs.

    1. Retro, yes… I think they belong to a time when people lived in houses long enough that they used their front door to announce who they were or what was important to them. There were swans or horses or the first letter of their last name. Can’t imagine it now…

  2. Charming shot. Great to have a built-in guard dog, especially one that is also so amiable and alert. Also I like the hopeful look of the mailbox, clearly waiting for a letter! And then the lovely leafy scene across the street, where the “door dog” clearly hopes to take a little run, one of these days.

  3. It is a welcoming entrance, I agree. I imagine a sweet older couple living there, or a woman on her own, with a beloved dog. I wouldn’t have remembered, without this photo, but I know I have seen such individualized doors. I didn’t realize till I read one of the messages above that in the past people’s doors sometimes bore swans or horses or initials. I’ll be on the lookout for it now on old houses — though I don’t suppose many are around anymore. Where did you spy this one, oh Carin-of-the-eagle-eyes?

    1. Right here, on one of my usual rounds. There’s a wonderful neighbourhood of older houses downtown. Every one of them different, some grand Victorians, others little more than clapboard cottages. I wander about there quite a bit. Diversity makes my heart sing…

    1. Hey, good for you. I googled screen doors but only got modern ones. Silly moi. Of course. They’re ‘vintage’ now!

      And to answer your question: I love it! (:
      Wonder why they don’t make doors like this anymore. I’d like a sweet little skunk on mine. Keep the canvassers, etc., at bay.

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