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    1. A country house on dozens and dozens of acres. It was on the studio tour up here a few weeks ago. The woman does quilts and various things with textiles while the guy does this mad cement work outside — the entire property is filled with this kind of thing. It’s not for sale, it’s like an obsession. I asked him ‘why?’ and he said it was something to do. I said “Is this what the inside of your brain looks like?” and he laughed, said he hoped not. Wild. And completely inspiring in a way that being in the presence of someone’s passion is inspiring… whether or not the look appeals, the energy is palpable.

  1. Now THOSE are gargoyles! Wow! They don’t look original to the building – but were they a permanent addition, or an art installation? I can’t help noticing the blackening from pollution, either… I love the trees reflected in the windows adding to the visual tangle.

    1. Yes, a permanent ‘installation’… for the amusement of the artist. His studio hours are listed as: By appointment or by chance. He makes other things out of found objects and his wife does textile work. His son is a photographer. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall at their dinner table? (:

      They live waaaaay out in the country so I wonder if the dark bits are pollution or something else… Next time I’m there, by appointment or chance, I’ll have to ask.

  2. I am not going to look at the conversation and comments till I make my own comment because I LOVE being mystified by this picture. Where, when, who, what, WHY??? What an intriguing shot. Who lives there, a branch of the Adams family? Thank you for a pre-Halloween delight. Eager to find out more, now.

    1. Barbara, I think you’ve got it. A slight Addams family vibe for sure. But in the nicest way. What I loved about the Addams family (and I DID love them) was that they were such really ‘good’ people, their only crime was being different. But they lived with such joie de vivre (oh, shoot, don’t want to get Gomez going with the French…) and truth. They were themselves without hurting a soul. Would that more of us could be as authentic. Anyway, this chap is clearly on a different plane, but I do believe he’s as happy as a lark. As I walked around I found fold-up camp seats here and there in clearings that are devoid of any ‘art’… and I could imagine him sitting there thinking what that tree or that wall or that bit of open meadow needed… then pouring some cement and beginning work on his idea of Easter Island, or whatever. The sculptures aren’t at all to my taste but I was completely energized by his love of art. It sings from every corner of the property!

  3. Incredible shot, Carin. I’ve never seen so many gargoyles — full size, and such a variety — in one place. Surely these aren’t permanent fixtures? Is it for Halloween? How on earth do the owners not get cited for causing traffic pileups? :) I’m particularly fond of the fellow at bottom playing accordion. Looking forward to the reveal on this photo.

    1. No, it’s not for Halloween at all. It’s permanent. The guy that lives there (Victor Tinkls — it’s Tinkls’ Studio outside Uxbridge http://tinklsgallery.com/) just does it to amuse himself. There are acres of various installations on the ground, in trees, on buildings, in fountains and mounted on giant pillars, mostly gargoylish. This is the same place I took the picture of the screened picnic table. A rare bit of serenity in what is otherwise quite an experience. You can easily spend an hour just walking around the grounds.

  4. How fabulous!! It makes me happy just knowing that the creator of this wondrous place lives in the same country I do (even if far away – as Margaret Atwood wrote in Catseye “If it exists I can go there someday.” Or something like that.)

    1. It was all those things, Allison. And the guy, so laid back about it all. I’m sure much of his inspiration now is to stun the hordes that come to see this place.

  5. a great shot for wordless Wednesday as it does leave me feeling puzzled as well as fascinated and yes, a bit wordless.

    i enjoyed reading what info you wrote in the comments and find this to be both very strange as well as intriguing. one has to admire the creativity and wonder about the creator’s sanity.

    happy WW


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