31 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. As an abstract, it’s a lovely composition with its austere colours and contrasting textures. As realism, it’s like a Mary Pratt painting despite the subject matter which, I think, Mary Pratt would never choose.

    1. Yeah, it’s weird all right. It’s less uncomfortable to look at than I’d have thought. Something about the wall colour maybe? Or the way the toilet itself looks forlorn… poor lost lamb of a loo. (;
      Anyway, thanks so much!

    1. I hadn’t noticed the cloud shadow when I took the shot. No idea what that might be. I’ll have to go back, see if it’s something on the wall or some sort of shadow…

  2. I love this picture Carin! The whimsy, the turquoise wall with the little hint of red coming up at the bottom of the toilet (yer sh– don’t smell like roses?), the start line of the downspout, the composition, all add up to a Perfect shot in my estimation!

  3. Oh, I love this photo — but like Sheryl, I have to think about why. Perfect composition with the toilet and that matching drain pipe positioned where they are, and I like the colour tones too — the white and pale blue. The green (and flowers?) below seems incongruous, but delightfully so. I even like that odd cloud-shaped stain on the wall. There’s a surprising amount to look at here. Good eye, Carin.

    1. Thank you, Allyson! It was the hmmmm factor that got my attention. Tucked up against the house like that it appears to be something they’re keeping. Sentimental value?

  4. It appears to have been there a long while. I looked out my window just yesterday and saw two of those (in designer colors) that my husband had removed from the house and replaced with white because he wanted elongated bowls. Bah, I thought they looked much better in the bathroom then in the back yard !!! :) Happy WW

  5. Lovely colours and shapes, Carin. I have one of those outdoor toilets too, but it’s enclosed in a cute little blue building … no flusher though. You are such a creative giggle!

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